Advanced Yin Practice

August 25, Ottawa, ON
Take control of your practice

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Yin Teacher Training

In Bali, Indonesia April/May 2018
Eligible for YACE hours

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Yoga Wall Training

Introduction & More! Sept. 15
Cornwall, ON

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Wall Supported BackbendYin, Yoga Wall, & Meditation

September 9, 2017, Saturday

Adishesha YOGA ZONE
99 Fourth Ave., Ottawa, ON

Cost:  $25

This session is for yoga students of all levels who would like to take their Yin practice deeper, by exploring longer holds and non-traditional yin poses that use the yoga wall as a prop, and for meditation students who would like to open the body and calm the breath prior to sitting meditation.

We will open our practice with dirga pranayama (3 part breath) , one of the most calming and grounding breath practices, working our way to the full practice through belly breathing, two part breath, and finally three part breath. Once we have calmed the body and breath, we will move into long hold yin postures, focusing on opening the hips, releasing tension in the back, and bringing the breath and mind into the “now”. We will finish our practice with a 30 minute seated meditation.

Space is limited to 10 students. Please visit the AYZ website to register and secure your spot.

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